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Who was the FunMouse AG1 designed for?
The FunMouse AG1 was designed for users who want to have a different wired mouse that can be customized with collectible characters, and additionally that comes with variable DPI [between 400 and 6,200], with one of the best RGB lights on the market, easy to use, and at a reasonable price. There are many mouse models and prices on the market, but only one that you can customize with real characters, your FunMouse AG1!
How does the character keep attached to the FunMouse during movements?
The character base includes a magnet that holds the character attached to the mouse in any position, even with high-speed movements if it is used in a video game.
If the character falls to the ground, does it break?
No. If for any reason the character falls to the floor, nothing happens to it as it was made of PVC and ABS. It is even a bit flexible. The FunMouse AG1 is designed to hold the character in position at high speed. Even if you flip the mouse with the character head down and move it, it will stay attached to the mouse.
Do I need a software to program the buttons?
No. The FunMouse AG1 does not require programming software. It is easy and intuitive to use.
How do I change the DPI?
Press the DPI button on the top of the mouse to choose and select the DPI level. The BT5 logo on the top cover will illuminate in a different color for five [5] seconds depending on the selected DPI level: 400 DPI (red), 800 DPI (yellow), 1600 DPI (green), 3200 DPI (blue) and, 6200 DPI (purple).
How do I change the lighting?
Simultaneously press and release the scroll wheel button and the left rear button to select the following lighting modes: Single Color (red), Breathing, Spectrum, Rainbow, and lighting Off
What do the characters do?
The BT5 FunMouse is a new generation of computer mouse that will allow first-time users to personalize their mouse with fun characters: KING BROKY [big sports gamer and gluttonous pizza eater], IKKO [anime specializing in handgun fights], TX1 [futuristic warrior with powers]. During the launch of the FunMouse AG1, BT5 is providing a Photo Frame as a bonus so that the user can insert their favorite photos or images and personalize their FunMouse. We are working to include more BT5 characters and well-known brands in the future, and our engineers are also developing other tech specs that will be included in the new smart-characters.
Is the FunMouse patented?
Yes, in some countries the Patents have already been accepted, and in other countries they are pending approval. The FunMouse is an intellectual property of BT5 Technologies [USA].
What certifications does the FunMouse AG1 have?
FCC, CE, UKCA, VCCI and RoHS. It also complies with the CA65 regulations for sales in California, USA.
Where can I buy BT5 products?
Currently customers can buy BT5 products through our website (, and as of December 20th, 2021, you can also purchase them through AMAZON and authorized wholesalers.
When do the FunMouse start to ship?
We estimate that inventories will arrive at our fulfillment warehouse as of December 15, 2021. As of that date, it is estimated that shipments to customers will begin. Hurry to buy the FunMouse AG1 before they are sold out as the quantities are limited!
For customer service questions, who can I contact?
You have different options. Send us your message to, or through the Contact Us section of our website, and a customer service assistant will contact you as soon as possible. Other option to check your orders online, open your account on our portal and you will be able to immediately check the Order Number, the Date, the Payment Status, the Fulfillment Status, and the Order Value.
I am an executive of a company that wants to distribute the FunMouse. How do I contact a BT5 Technologies executive?
You can send a message to and a sales agent will contact you as soon as possible.